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Kryštof Král

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Date of birth2006-07-03
Height0 cm
Weight0 kg
Specialist for U19 - Sprinter - Allrounded


2024Team GRENKE - Auto Eder
2023Team Auto Eder



5th Nation's Cup Hungary, 2.Ncup

7th Paris - Roubaix Juniors, 1.Ncup

12th World Championships MJ - Road Race, WC

1st Eroica Juniores - Nations' Cup, 2.Ncup

1st Course de la Paix Juniors, 2.Ncup

5th Grand Prix West Bohemia, 1.1

6th Grand Prix Rüebliland, 2.1

1st National Championships Czech Republic MJ - Road Race, NC

1st Grand Prix Rüebliland, 2.1

2nd Nation's Cup Hungary, 2.Ncup

1st Ain Bugey Valromey Tour, 2.1

1st Eroica Juniores - Nations' Cup, 2.Ncup