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Milano - Sanremo: La Classicissima di Primavera

Milano - Sanremo: 288km from late winter in Milano to the blossom of spring flowers on the Ligurian coast - La Classicissima di Primavera 


The first Monument of the season.

The longest race of the season.

The easiest to finish, the hardest to win! 


While the race action heated up after Capo Berta and the peloton approached the pre final on Cipressa, the contemplative town of Sanremo turned into a vibrant arena and the centre of attention of world cycling. With every attack, a murmur went through the crowd on Via Roma and all the alleys of Sanremo. The tension in the air reached its absolute peak after the front group descended the Poggio and reached the final kilometre - Sanremo was close to bursting when Matteo Sobrero - an Italian on home soil - gave his all and launched a late attack while the big names were looking at each other. 

A heartbreaking finale: Sobrero was caught, Philipsen sprinted to the win and our 26-year-old Italian crossed the line in 12th - proving he’s one to watch for future editions of “La Classicissima“. 


Matteo Sobrero: ”Milano-Sanremo is a very special race for me. It felt very good to be there in the finale, I tried to do my best and surprise the others while they were looking at each other a bit. A race like Sanremo is really hard to predict and especially here, an attack like that can also be successful in the end. Even though I missed out on a top 10 result, I’m happy with my race - I gave my best!“ 


















© Anderl Hartmann / Sprintcycling