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BORA – hansgrohe launches global talent scouting program with Red Bull

BORA – hansgrohe is pleased to announce the launch on 1 February 2023 of a new joint scouting project with Red Bull. Entitled “Red Bull Junior Brothers,” this is a global road cycling talent scouting program aimed at finding the next generation of talented road cyclists.

At the conclusion of the program, two young riders from around the world will be given a contract with BORA – hansgrohe’s U19 squad, Team Auto Eder, and a contract as a Red Bull athlete.

The program is open to participants under 19 years of age born between 2006 and 2007. From 1 February to 31 May, riders will be able to use Strava or Zwift to compete for their chance to become a Red Bull Junior Brother. They may complete their application form online from 1 to 30 June, with the strongest riders then participating in a test camp in August. The two successful applicants will be signed in September. More details will become available at from 1 February.

BORA - hansgrohe Team Manager, Ralph Denk, remarks, “this is the first time that Red Bull is involved with a project in road cycling globally, and I am proud that they are doing this together with BORA - hansgrohe. In addition, the program itself is also a milestone for us in terms of scouting. Through the Red Bull Junior Brothers, we can search for talent worldwide and even reach those who might not otherwise take part in races at all."

Dr. Christian Schrot, Head of Scouting and Development at BORA - hansgrohe, comments, “successful applicants must bring with them talent and strength, but also the potential to improve. Particularly at the camp, we will have the opportunity to put the riders through their paces, and also get to know them personally. Character is important, because to have a professional career, you need commitment and stamina."

A video recording of the press conference held in Adelaide, Australia, as well as photos from the event, are available here.