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BORA and hansgrohe extend with Ralph Denk until 2024

Both flagship German companies will remain as the respective main and title sponsors of the team from Raubling. Particularly in these difficult times, this makes a strong statement about Ralph Denk’s team as well as the sport of cycling.

“It makes me proud to be able to continue to count on the support of our two most important sponsors, because it is also a testament to our hard work. We have already achieved a great deal in recent years, and in a very short period of time at that. This would not have been possible without BORA and hansgrohe. I would like to thank them both for this. I think we have created an environment that, on the one hand provides riders with the opportunity to bring out their best performances, and on the other hand, also offers our partners a professional platform through which to achieve their marketing goals. This multi-year commitment now also provides us with a security of planning that is necessary to embark upon the next steps in our development as a team. We are currently working on what exactly those steps will entail. In any event, my big dream is a Tour de France victory, and we would also like to win the WorldTour in the next few years. We still have a lot of work ahead of us yet.” - Ralph Denk, Team Manager


"For BORA, the sponsorship was quite the windfall from the very beginning. We made a conscious move to go against the mainstream when we decided almost six years ago to become the main sponsor of a professional cycling team. After careful consideration, we were convinced that this suited us, is authentic, and achieves our marketing goals perfectly. There are many parallels between BORA as a company and the team of Ralph Denk: we remain deeply connected to our home region, yet possess an international orientation, we are constantly developing and at times embark upon unconventional paths, we recognise and provide chances, we do not shy away from competition, and we pursue our goals efficiently and with great passion.

And our success has proven us right on both sides. At BORA, we have been conducting regular monitoring since 2015 and have clearly noticed that brand awareness has multiplied, that we are growing much faster and stronger in markets with a connection to cycling, and that the group of people interested in cycling in particular has a much clearer picture of BORA and our products. “Never change a running system,” they say, however, to keep the system running on both sides, long-term planning security is vital, particularly in times when planning security is a more important concept than ever before.

That’s why we decided to extend our sponsorship commitment early, until the end of 2024. This will allow the team to continue to consistently develop, and also gives us the opportunity to benefit from sponsorship as a sustainable multiplier in our strategic marketing planning. We are also looking forward to further developing our highly-successful cooperation with our partner, Hansgrohe.” - Willi Bruckbauer, founder and CEO of BORA


"We can look back on what’s been an incredibly successful partnership with BORA and Team BORA - hansgrohe. In our four years together, we have reached significant achievements on both a sporting and personal level, and that’s why we have decided to take this next step together. With the extension of our sponsorship, we reiterate our confidence in the team and its management. Our most important goal was to make hansgrohe and our innovative products for the bathroom and kitchen even more well-known across the globe. The positive effects on our brand and our consistently pleasant cooperation with the team to this day are factors that have undoubtedly confirmed our decision. Our common vision with BORA is to become number one in professional cycling this coming season. The drive to give one’s best, to deliver top quality and to operate sustainably connects not only our brands, but also our team. I am therefore looking forward to a strong Tour and wish the guys all the best!” - Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, CEO of Hansgrohe Group