The U19 team

Professional improvements for young talents

Team Auto Eder is the official junior team of the UCI WorldTour Team BORA - hansgrohe. Since the team was founded in 2007 under our original sponsor, Quest Immobilien, our goal has been to support and prepare ambitious young cyclists. We aim to create a perfect environment for them to develop purposefully – but without pressure – for a long-term career in professional cycling. Professional cyclists who are successful today, such as Michael Schwarzmann, Georg Zimmermann and Marco Brenner, are the result of years of talent development in the U19 category, which is an excellent basis for starting a career as a professional athlete.

In 2021, a new chapter begins for Team Auto Eder. Until the 2020 season, only Bavarian athletes were given the opportunity to ride for the official BORA - hansgrohe youth team. From the 2021 season onwards, we will open up our concept to the whole of Germany and its neighbouring countries. With a larger talent pool, we want to create even more synergies with BORA - hansgrohe – and simultaneously increase the level of performance.

Our sporting goals are also bigger than ever. In order to give the youngsters experience in the international arena, we are planning even more participation in high-class international one-day tours and races. From an organizational perspective, it is also our aim to practice junior cycling at a professional level. As in previous years, the head of the team is Christian Schrot, who is also responsible for scouting for the WorldTour Team BORA - hansgrohe. In addition, the Auto Eder team will also use the resources of BORA - hansgrohe when it comes to equipment and organization.

Ralph Denk, Team Manager