BORA - hansgrohe epitomises modern professional cycling with fundamentally new values.


Commitment and Objectives

With BORA – hansgrohe we will establish a strong brand in cycling. Sustainable success we thereby define not only based on sporting results, but also through our engagement for the sport itself and about our relationships with our partners, sponsors, the media, the public and our fans. Our recipe to achieve this is a value-oriented identity in the centre of our behaviour. This identity is based on values that each team member has in common, it unites us to one family. We work to define the organisation, the financing and the marketing of our sport in a new way. Based on our German roots, three value–pillars shape our identity: nutrition & health, progress & performance and passion & personality.


Nutrition & Health

BORA - hansgrohe represents a natural, performance-optimising diet and good health. We use natural resources with respect and care. We balance physical strain with regeneration and recovery. This natural balance forms the fundamental basis for our performance and sustainable sporting success.


Progress & Performance

Continuous development, improvement and innovation is the DNA of our acting. Standing still means a step back for us. We work systematically to discover new potentials and exploit them to sustainable success – in sports just as well as in organisation and in the management of our team. We intentionally go our own, different directions and question ingrained routines. It is the caring about little details that unites us.


Passion & Personality

We love cycling. All our team members are 100% committed to our mission and their engagement roots in a deep passion and dedication for cycling. Our vision – to create a revolution in cycling that holds its values high – is what unites us. Thereby we are not uniform, but encourage individual thinking. We don’t like mainstream. We know about the potential a variety of characters creates. It is the mixture of personalities, backgrounds, experiences and talents that makes us BORA – hansgrohe - unique as a team.


Our basis - Made in Germany

BORA – hansgrohe is a reliable partner for its employees, sponsors, media and the public. The relationship between the team and its stakeholders is built upon trust and mutual respect.

It is this partnership that is driving motivation and is basis of our daily work on which we have highest demands concerning precision and efficiency. We stand for quality „Made in Germany“ – for „German Professional Cycling“.


Our claim

Our identity and values are united in our claim: ride.natural. This is our message, our confession to cycling, to ourselves, to our way.