Band of Brothers

BAND OF BROTHERS – a group that shares a common goal. People who trust one another in pursuit of this goal, rely upon each other unconditionally, and mutually support each other. From this support comes courage, authenticity, loyalty, a sense of responsibility – and ultimately success.

These values have always connected us. The term ‘Band of Brothers’ came to us one animated evening in a Dolomite lodge within the Lienz mountains. It immediately became clear: three words stand for how we have lived for several years. A common goal, a common path: BAND OF BROTHERS was born.



We bravely go forward. And that is more than just talk. When Peter Sagan made his winning attack 55 km before Roubaix, he did this based on intuition and courage. And with the knowledge that the team stood behind him. Just like Willi Bruckbauer, owner of the young firm BORA, signed the then World Champion, with Ralph Denk, without having a first league license. 



We do not define success in the short term. Sustainability plays a key role in our actions. In our mobile kitchen, for instance, we provide regional and organic products to our riders in a resource-conscious manner. In addition, since the beginning of the team’s history, in 2007, we have also run an U-19 Team. But it is not only our commitment to the sport that operates under this premise, but also how we deal with our partners and sponsors, the media, the public and our fans. We are aware that we function as role models, and that is why we remain an approachable team.



We rely upon each other unconditionally, and have done so for years. There are staff and riders who have been part of our team since 2007. Just as we are loyal to each other, we are also reliable partners. Some of our sponsors have been with us for over a decade, without having had a contract, because we pride ourselves on keeping our word.



As a team, we have worked our way up from the third league to the Champion’s league within a period of 10 years. We have experienced much, and our history has shaped us into what we are: distinctive. We stay away from the mainstream – we value diversity and individuality. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, and in so doing, we may not necessarily always be diplomatic, but we are always honest. 


WE ARE A #bandofbrothers