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Press Releases | 03.08.2021

Ben Zwiehoff takes 13th in tough race to kick off the Vuelta a Burgos

The opening stage of the Vuelta a Burgos, a race that is often used as a dress rehearsal for the Vuelta a España, took the riders over 161 km of hilly terrain around Burgos. Over the last 20 km, the Alto del Castillo had to be crested twice on two finishing laps before the riders were to head back to the finish line at the cathedral in Burgos. A five-man strong group escaped early, yet was overtaken by a chasing group that formed in an echelon after 80 km in the saddle. Daniel Oss was in this strong leading group, but the riders ultimately were reeled back in ahead of the first climb. In the uphill finish, E. Planckaert prevailed and took the first stage while BORA - hansgrohe's Ben Zwiehoff placed 13th.



01 E. Planckaert      3:34:42

02 G. Serrano             +0:00

03 V. Albanese           +0:01

13 B. Zwiehoff           +0:13


From the Finish Line

 "We knew that it could be a bit tricky today with the wind. Luckily, with Daniel and Burgi, we had two riders in front amidst the echelons. This allowed the rest of us to then concentrate on the finale. Cece and Gampi in particular put me in a good position heading into the finish, and I really would like to thank them for that. I was still within reach up until 100m to go, but I wasn't quite able to keep up. In the end I finished 13th with the GC riders, which is quite satisfying after so long without racing. Now I'm looking forward to the mountains, I feel even more comfortable there." - Ben Zwiehoff

"That was a very tough race today. Due to the echelons, the second half of racing was quite full on. We also had a bit of bad luck, with Jordi having stomach problems. We originally wanted to try to prepare the finale for him and Ben, but in the end we weren't able to be right up there. The rest of the team did a good job and we were also able to be at the front of the first group with Daniel. In the end there was an uphill sprint, where we concentrated on Ben. He finished 13th, which was within the realm of his capabilities. So one can say that given how the race went, and the difficulty of the course, although the team worked well together, there was just not more left." - André Schulze, Sports Director

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