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Press Releases | 10.06.2021

Buchmann makes comeback at the Tour de France

During a training camp in Livigno, the decision was made to take on the Tour. However, Buchmann will not start the race as captain.

"My crash at the Giro was very bitter. I was in really good shape and am convinced that I could have ridden right up front there. First of all, I had to deal with this setback and also heal the injuries from the crash. The motivation came back quite quickly and that's why I went to the training camp last week to see where I stood. My knee continued to be slightly sore for a while, however, everything is okay now. I feel fit, yet whether I can be in top shape for the Tour still remains to be seen. I haven’t been able to prepare for several months like I did for the Giro, which was to be my highlight. That's why I'm not aiming for the overall classification. I want to take the Tour day by day without pressure, taking my chances and riding offensively when possible. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm writing off the overall classification from the outset, but with Wilco there, we’ll have a leader who has been able to prepare himself in the most optimal way. He will be the clear number one there and I will also give him my full support where necessary." - Emanuel Buchmann

"First of all, I am very happy that we will see Emu at the Tour. I would have preferred to see him on the podium in Milan, but unfortunately that wasn’t able to happen. For the second year in a row, Emu has had to bid farewell to a high point that he had been working towards for months. This is quite tough and I very much respect the way he handled the situation, and that he is now trying to attack again at the Tour. However, it is also clear that Wilco is our leader. After a few setbacks during the spring, his preparation has proceeded very well over the past few weeks, and at the Dauphiné it was clear that he’s able to be right up there. He will have 100% support from the team. Emu will have freedom, but one must also be realistic: the Tour parcours is not ideal for him, and he dropped out of the Giro injured. The overall classification therefore plays a subordinate role, in my perspective, but of course he won't allow himself to be left behind on purpose either. We'll have to see how it goes and ideally, he’ll be able to show his strength in the mountains. If his form is right, I would like to see him attacking and taking risks. We’d like to show the fans in Germany an offensive and attractive style of riding." - Ralph Denk, Team Manager

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