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Press Releases | 03.05.2021

Emanuel Buchmann and BORA - hansgrohe extend until 2024

The German climbing specialist from Ravensburg will stay with Ralph Denk's team until at least the end of 2024. This opens the way for another attempt to make the Tour de France podium.

"I'm happy that we'll be able to make it to at least 10 years together. But seriously, for me BORA - hansgrohe is still the perfect team. Last year was quite difficult for me, and it’s in difficult times, and not necessarily in the good times, that it becomes noticeable whether a partnership still harmonises. The support that I received showed me that I am in the right team. What Ralph Denk and Dan Lorang made possible ahead of the Tour was great, even if it didn't ultimately lead to success. I feel very comfortable and we still have a big common goal, the Tour de France podium, which we will now continue to work towards. I would also like to thank Willi Bruckbauer (the owner of BORA) for his commitment and the passion he brings to the team. He and Ralph Denk have supported me for years and it's great that we’re able to continue to work together towards our goals." - Emanuel Buchmann

"Emanuel has been a fixture in our team since 2015. He has improved year on year, as he is an incredibly meticulous worker. Last year we experienced a setback, but that only serves to make us stronger. I think Emu’s best years are still ahead of him and I'm confident that he can prove this with a strong Giro. I hope that next year's Tour course will suit his abilities a little better, then we'll set our sights on the Tour podium again." - Ralph Denk, Team Manager

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