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Press Releases | 28.03.2021

BORA - hansgrohe denied start at Gent-Wevelgem

After the UCI and race organisers would have given the team the green light, yesterday the Covid doctor in charge of the E3 race imposed a 7-day quarantine on two-thirds of the team, although it is completely unclear what criteria were used to determine who falls under this.
"I am very disappointed and angry. A GP from the region can block an entire team in one of the largest one-day races in the world. We had a positive Corona case with Walls and have the roommate and a physio as category 1 contact persons. That they have to be isolated and quarantined is absolutely clear. However, we of course have other riders and staff on site, so a part of them were also ordered to be in quarantine, but only some of them. Who was selected and the reasons are completely unclear and it seems rather arbitrary. Honestly, I can't understand why other teams are allowed to race after similar cases. We tried everything last night, but the doctor didn't even answer us anymore. It would be nice to at least understand how he has justified his decisions. We are testing every day at the moment and all the tests so far have been negative, without exception. The part of the team that has been quarantined will be quarantined until 1 April. This also means that we cannot start at Dwars Door Vlaanderen." - Ralph Denk, Team Manager

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