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Press Releases | 13.05.2020

Emanuel Buchmann's Everest Challenge to raise funds for the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (German children’s charity)

Professional cyclist Emanuel Buchmann is aiming to climb the summit of Mount Everest in one training session. In other words, he’s planning to take on 8848 metres of elevation. He is seeking donations for the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk, because especially now, with several aid programs being directed towards the coronavirus crisis, we still mustn’t forget the smallest members of our society!

You can become a part of this project by donating €10 for every metre of elevation that Emanuel will complete. The aim of this campaign is to raise at least €88,848 for the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (a small amount will also be donated to the KJC Ravensburg where Emanuel started his career). If the target amount is not reached, Emanuel will still complete the corresponding metres of climbing, that is 1 meter of elevation for every €10. The maximum that he will climb will be 8848m, however, if more donations are collected, this would of course make us, as well as the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk very happy.

The Everest Challenge will take place on May 29th in Ötztal (Austria), where Emanuel will ride continuously for an estimated 9 to 10 hours up and down a mountain route until he ultimately completes 8848 metres of elevation.

Every donation counts. Together we can move mountains!


“The period without racing has been continuing for quite a while now and so there has been a lot of time for contemplation. You realise that you have it relatively good as a professional rider, yet there are people in our society who need our help now. After this time of contemplation, I decided to start a project, which on the one hand serves a good cause, but on the other hand also provides me with extra motivation for daily training. I chose the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk as the partner and recipient of the donations, as I believe that children may have somewhat slipped out of the focus during the current health crisis. But children are our future and so their welfare should always remain an important topic. A small part of the donations will also go towards my home club, the KJC Ravensburg, where I started cycling. Several people work very hard there to help the up and coming generation, and so I’d like to be able to give something back to them.

The challenge itself is undoubtedly new territory for me. So far, I have never ridden over 8000 metres of elevation in training or in a race. We will see how my body reacts to this strain, and I think I’m going to have to manage my efforts carefully. I have not completed any specific preparation, and so it will likely place an extreme demand on my body. We’ve calculated that it will necessitate around 9 to 10 hours riding time, because I will climb about 1000 or 1200 metres of elevation per hour, in addition to which the downhill sections also need to be factored in. We have identified a suitable route for the challenge in Ötztal, which is well acquainted with extreme sports events by virtue of the Ötztal Cycling Marathon. Now I hope that we'll be able to collect as many donations as possible and that I will have to ride the full 8848 metres of elevation.” - Emanuel Buchmann


"Wow, this is such a great campaign. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Emanuel Buchmann’s 8848 metres of climbing, as well as his collection of donations. In any case, hats off to him for his commitment. In light of the coronavirus crisis, the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk has increased its aid to poor families with children. This is intended to help children and young people from socially and financially disadvantaged families who are suffering from particular limitations during this health crisis. The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk has set up five assistance packages for them in the areas of “digital learning,” “tutoring,” “early childhood education,” “schooling within refugee accommodation” and “balanced nutrition.” - Holger Hofmann, Federal Executive Director of the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk


Link to the crowdfunding campaign:

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