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Press Releases | 20.05.2020

The Story Behind the Photo: Cesare Benedetti and his daughter at the 2019 Giro d'Italia

This photo was taken by a fan of the team just before the time trial from Riccone to San Marino at last year’s Giro d’Italia. Right after this moment, I grabbed my bike and rolled to the start. I’m hugging my little daughter, who was almost three years old at that time. Janina - that’s her name - came with my parents to watch the race for two days, or rather, to see her father. I saw her the day prior, after the finish in Pesaro, and then my parents brought her over to our team hotel on the day of the time trial. I was due to leave the start-house in the afternoon, so after breakfast I was able to spend the whole morning with her. There was a playroom for children in the hotel, so we spent some time together there. I felt extremely blessed to have her there, albeit for a relatively short period of time.

Since March 1st (the day I left for Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne) and May 19th, the day on which this photo was taken, I had the chance to see my daughter for only 13 days. It isn’t necessarily easy to build a strong relationship with your daughter if she hardly sees you, and when she’s not old enough to know that you love her. At that age, they need to feel it. Janina was there watching my whole pre-TT warm up and I hugged her strongly because I knew she would not be at the finish, and especially at that time I didn’t know when I would have the opportunity to see her again. It was certainly not my best time during the 2019 Giro d’Italia, and I’m sure that my daughter’s visit gave me the right boost to carry on.

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