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Press Releases | 28.04.2019

BORA-hansgrohe load the podium at Liège-Bastogne-Liège after monumental Formolo and Schachmann take solid second and third

BORA-hansgrohe load the podium at Liège-Bastogne-Liège after monumental Formolo and Schachmann take solid second and third


Having had good weather for most of the Classics season so far, for Liège-Bastogne-Liège the skies were cloudy and the roads wet. This Monument was without a doubt going to be made all the more difficult by the more challenging weather conditions – but then this is what Belgian cycling is famous for. Each of the 256km, with its eleven short and sharp climbs and undulating terrain throughout, was going to be tough when bodies are cold and the roads are more treacherous. Wrapped up in rain jackets and leg warmers, a flurry of riders attacked as soon as the race started, with six forming a break that quickly built up a lead of more than nine minutes. With a long day’s riding ahead, the peloton was happy to let them go, given there were no riders in this group who they believed would threaten to take the win. The bigger climbs came in the second half of the race, and it was here the break began to suffer. While the climbs were short, many were incredibly steep and the gradients of 15% and above were causing the escape group to splinter. This and the pressure of the chasing peloton, BORA-hansgrohe’s Cesare Benedetti driving the pace hard, saw riders steadily drop off until the last man out front was picked off with 69km remaining. It was here the warm clothes came off and the attacks came, a small group pushing hard to get away, but unable to gain even a minute over the bunch. Patrick Konrad rode hard on the front to keep things under control only to make the jump himself into the break with 40km to go, allowing his teammates to recover, before Davide Formolo made his own move, jumping with the attack that turned out to be the day's decisive moment. Heading into the final 10km, BORA-hansgrohe were out in force, Davide working hard to stay in touch with the solo rider on the front, while Max Schachmann made his way into the second chasing group, less than a minute behind with 5km to go and with some very determined riders in the German rider’s group working hard to make the catch. Davide gave it his all as the final kilometre came into view and while the Italian was unable to take the prize, with the winner finishing alone, he took one of the best results of his career by finishing in second, with Max outsprinting the chasers to load the Liège podium with BORA-hansgrohe riders.



01       J. Fuglsang                  6:37:37

02       D. Formolo                  +0:27

03       M. Schachmann           +0:57

13       P. Kornad                    +1:29

14       J. McCarthy                 +1:29


From the Finish Line

"I think the result of this Monument speaks for itself and reflects the strong performance of the team! Patrick Konrad attacked with 40km to go so that Max and I could save our legs for later. Then, on the last climb, everybody was waiting for the start of the real race. Fulsgang attacked and I quickly jumped, reaching him. I was able to stay with him after the top but he was the strongest today. It was a good race for us." – Davide Formolo

"Horrible weather, I think this was one of the most difficult days in my professional career but with a very good finish. At one moment after Bastogne I was thinking we had lost the race because we got dropped in the crosswind but we made it back to the group. I was able to save energy and I knew the squad was there with me. The whole team did a brilliant job today, we raced in a smart way, we were there when it mattered and we still had five guys in the finale. Davide showed his class in the last climb while I stayed at the back of the chasing group, saving my legs for the sprint to third. I think that second and third place in a Monument such as the Liège-Bastogne-Liège is a big success for BORA-hansgrohe." – Maximilian Schachmann

"Hats off to all the guys, it was a brilliant race. I'm proud of the entire team, everybody followed the plan and strategy we had and everything played out perfectly. After La Redoute, we still had five riders in the group and we had decided that if any of the guys were feeling strong, we would give him the liberty to attack before the last climb. That's when Patrick Konrad went, doing a great job because Davide and Max could save energy for the last climb. Since the start of the race, our strategy was to wait for that final climb. At that point, it was all down to the legs the riders had, so it was great that Davide could stay in the wheel of Fulsgang but Max was also very well placed in the chasing group. It was a big success because Davide was able to hold on to second place and Max raced very cleverly in the finale and secured our second podium spot. Overall, a great day. I'm really proud of BORA-hansgrohe!" – Enrico Poitschke, Sports Director

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