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Lifestyle Blog | 21.08.2017

hansgrohe – Expert showering advice for optimal recovery.

Taking a shower helps recover and re-energise after doing sports, and it has a positive effect on performance.

It’s important not to take a shower immediately after vigorous physical activity. If you treat your body to a cool down, it’ll boost circulation and you can take advantage of the break to do some stretching and rehydrate. In addition, sweat glands still release perspiration when the body’s temperature drops after sporting activities—in other words, we continue to sweat. This makes it all the more important to follow up with a good shower and cleanse the skin of bacteria and toxins.

A lukewarm shower stimulates recovery. That’s why all the cyclists on the BORA-hansgrohe team take warm showers, and most of them start off by enjoying a gentle rain spray from the overhead shower. For personalised shower pleasure, hansgrohe’s innovative Select technology makes it possible for users to switch between various shower modes, and between the overhead and hand showers at the touch of a button: soft, air-enriched drops pamper and relax the body’s muscles, while a powerful, rotating jet from the hand shower delivers a targeted massage. By the way, these sophisticated shower sprays and their effective water performance were developed by the hansgrohe spray research lab in Schiltach in the Black Forest.

Not only do our bodies recover when taking a shower, we also experience peace of mind. Many of these cycling pros take the opportunity to look back on the day’s events and mentally prepare for the next training session or race. A soothing shower makes it easy to unwind and look forward to the recovery phase.

Some athletes end their showers by revitalising their arms and legs with cold water. This causes the veins to contract, improves vascular muscle tone and strengthens connective tissue.

If you work out like a world champion, shower like a champion—with hansgrohe.


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