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Good health is everything


BORA – hansgrohe represents a natural, performance-optimising diet and good health. These form the fundamental basis for sustainable athletic success. But our lifestyle means more to us than well balanced, healthy diet, it is more a kind of bethinking to the basics. The essence of physical performance, based on what nature provides purely, naturally. Besides diet this mind set is also the basis for a special physical feeling. It means to listen to and understand the body and its signals regarding training and workload, and to react individually. As a consequence, we are able to deliver the best individual performance. 



Diet recommendations BORA - hansgrohe

Here you find the diet recommendations of our teams chefs. A must have for every perfomance orientated "foodie".


Quinoa makis with avocado and tuna.
Wild salmon with Moroccan millet and chia seeds
Sam Bennett & José Mendes
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Salmon tartare with chia crispbread
Lukas Pöstlberger & Andreas Schillinger
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Stir fry vegetables with quinoa
Michael Schwarzmann & Rudi Selig
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Autumn polenta with savoy cabbage and beef steak.
Apple and parsnip roesti with baby spinach.
One of the BORA 10|10 recipes.
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